Sunday, July 16, 2006

Larry Pickerings right hand man Wayne Evans splashes out on a new pad!!

Well, well, well looks like our money has treated Larrys right hand man to a new (2nd?) house at Bal Harbour, Broadbeach Waters area!!! Bloody hell how much of our ca$h have these crooks got their hands on now!!!! I suggest anyone who has been tricked by these bastard conmen says hi to Wayne, and if you're lucky this will lead you back to your money... Care of Larry Pickering!

Here's the location of Waynes new house that OUR conned money has brought them!!! F*cking scummy Bastards!!!!!!!

Another Unhappy Customer

Here's the sites of another unhappy customer. Both sites have the same impartial information on them. Very interesting.

However our sources believe that Larry Pickering is pushing his scams in a slightly different way now. We believe they also sell (dodgy) ready made businesses, which the buyer of the business then runs... Selling Larrys shonky software!!! We also believe that they are running their operations from the Carrara (QLD) area. More information soon, as they are still under investigation...

If you have any additional information remember to post it at the cyberhorse forums:

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Australia’s richest poor (con)man

As everybody will be aware the servers have been turned off and the tips have stopped coming from Larry’s many scam companies. After he was exposed on Today Tonight for being “Australia’s richest poor man" it was only a matter of time before the authorities would be investigating further in to how he funds his life style.

Just because it looks like the companies are closed down this doesn’t mean they aren’t still operating from their offices on the Gold Coast… IN FACT IT’S SCAMMING BUSINESS AS PER USUAL, SELLING THE SAME SHONKY BETTING PROGRAM!! The old company names may no longer be in use, but the scum has new ones to peddle their misery.

Larry runs all his companies at arms length, paying other crooks to put their name to paper such as: Julian Price, John Sharp, Keith Jones and Wayne Evans – and letting them take the fall when the heat comes on, so that he can just walk away with the money!!

The Australian government should be well aware of his activities from the non payment of tax, which over many years has run in to millions of dollars.

Companies like Rosekirk (Registered company name was Rosekirt Pty Ltd), Balwyn Invorsen and all the others had bank accounts in Australia; and when he folds the shonky companies their accounts are always emptied and credit cards always spent to the limit. This will all leave a trail of money that has been moved from Australia to his offshore charted accounts. And every time somebody brought one of the betting programs payment was made to offshore accounts.

There was also serious breaches of contract when buying his programs, as we were told of a five year contract that just wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

Wayne is still involved running Larrys scam companies on the Gold Coast and he has been spotted driving in his new Land Curser from the offices to his water front home.

Larry also has offices in South Africa Cape town ran by John Sharp selling the same program in the same format with the same brochures.

Also check out the comments on this document relating to National Futrax Pty Ltd v. Australian Securities Commission. Very interesting.$file/008547299.pdf Julian price

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Be sure to check this out....

Check out
regually to keep up to date with scumbag Larrys latest scams.

Larrys Latest Scam Company Name!

Looks like they have a new 'front' (company name) to scam people from. Beware of them and others like this. Avoid Larrys latest scam. What a w*nker!

Avoid these scammers!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Larry even dissapoints cartoonists!!

Article quoted from

"Bill and Larry

No, not cyclones. Cartoonists.

Larry Pickering was Australia's first cartooning millionaire* (which are few and far between, let me tell you) and was very much the media star during the 70s and early 80s. He's one of the few daily editorial cartoonists to actually retire from the profession. Most of us would rather drop dead at our drawing boards, if we can.

Both Today Tonight and A Current Affair last night had stories on Larry's failure to scrape enough cash together for child support, even though he lives in a penthouse, drives a flash car and gets around in a pink helicopter. Standard tabloid stuff and not really that interesting, unless you happen to be one of his various wives or kids. (A few years back, ACA pursued him over some alleged betting software scam, which was much more entertaining.)

Anyway, I almost met Larry once, back around 1980 when he was with The Australian. I'd managed to get an appointment with him one afternoon, just to meet him, which I was pretty starry-eyed about. I waited outside his huge office for about two hours but he never came back from lunch.

No great loss, though. Bill Mitchell's office was nearby and he took pity on me and invited me in for a chat. Bill was the daily cartoonist on the Daily Telegraph back then and his office was much, much smaller. He was a lovely bloke and I ended up having a fine day anyway.

Soon after, Bill took over from Pickering on The Australian, where he remained until passing away in 1993. The Oz sponsors the annual Bill Mitchell Memorial Award for budding cartoonists in his honour".

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Conman even cons his children!!!

Looks like Larry even cons his children out of their child support maintenance payments! He was featured (sporting his latest disguise) on 'Today Tonight' after being exposed as scum that has far more money than he admits to the courts - in order to avoid paying to support his children. What a c*nt!

Images from Today Tonight Website:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This site contains another bunch of links to report Larry Pickering and the rest of the scum to:

Lets get off our bums and get Larry Pickering shut down!
Extract from the QLD Government website:

"Get Rich Quick Schemes
The Commissioner for Fair Trading warns Queenslanders not to punt on the success of computerised gambling systems, investment software and other get rich quick schemes.
The Office of Fair Trading receives hundreds of inquiries and complaints each year about such schemes when purchasers discover the returns failed to live up to the sales pitch. It is a very common concern with people relying on the promise of a refund that turns out never to eventuate.
There are currently several of these systems doing the rounds and people have been lured into parting with thousands of dollars after being duped into thinking they can make a quick financial killing but the Office of Fair Trading warns they are a complete waste of money.
Unfortunately, the sales pitch is very convincing, even when they cost as much as $10,000 or even more - an awful lot of money to risk on a 'promise' of riches to come.
Schemes are usually advertised as business opportunities or investments and generally targeted professionals, retirees or others with funds to invest.
Mostly the systems involve betting on horses but could include other forms of gambling. Operators supply glossy brochures and sometimes used videos featuring well-known personalities to promote the schemes.
The equipment supplied with the package can range from a single computer disk to a whole computer system.

The schemes promise huge returns and consumers are often sucked in by evidence of past performance, the results of which can be easily manipulated according to the Commissioner.
In 2001, the Office of Fair Trading successfully prosecuted a father and daughter running a computerised betting scam on the Gold Coast. This action followed a joint operation with the Queensland Police Service, Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Australian Taxation Office. The man was jailed for two and a half years and his daughter given an 18-month suspected sentence.
The Office of Fair Trading is currently investigating several of these schemes but is rarely able to obtain redress or provide assistance to duped consumers as the companies operating them often wind up their business activities with little or no funds available to reimburse affected consumers.
Consumers often complain that such computerised gambling systems do not work, the money back guarantee is not honoured and requests for refunds are rejected.
Consumers are left with the option of pursuing their money through the Small Claims Tribunal or other legal action, which can be costly.
Consumers who buy these schemes do so at their peril. If a product sounds too good to be true, it is usually a lie. OFT urges people considering such an investment to seek independent advice from a solicitor or financial adviser".
Lets get these scamming conmen shut down!!
Report them to:

Together we'll crack this old bastard!!!
Wow what a suprise Larry Pickering has even more fans!...

Following extract from:

In Australia, Larry Pickering has been the man behind similar horse-racing programs, and his son Jamie worked with him.
Craig Duffy told Financial Mail this was all in the past. 'Interdata is nothing to do with us, Tomato, Jamie, myself or Micro in any way, shape or form,' he said. 'In fact, Jamie's father has nothing to do with us.'
But enquiries at Micro Corporation HQ in Surfers Paradise show that at least two firms selling horse-race tipping computer programs have been based in the same building in recent months. One was called Code XL. Five years ago, Larry Pickering was linked to an identical UK scheme called Sequence XL. It is possible the names Code XL and Sequence XL could be coincidence. Micro Corporation could also be in the same building as Code XL by coincidence. And it could be coincidence that Jamie Pickering is behind Micro Corporation and its share dealing program, just as his father was behind Interdata and its share dealing program. But there are too many coincidences for comfort. And far too many for anyone to risk £5,640.

What a c*nt!
More people who have researched this conman:

"five years ago, Larry Pickering was one of the characters behind another London company called Interdata UK that made fantastic claims about a computer program it was marketing for thousands of pounds, and which was also supposed to pick stock market winners. Financial Mail exposed Interdata, and within days it went into liquidation".

What a c*nt!
Even google has a file on this fu*ker and his scam companies!
A link to the forums which have the dirt on Larrys scams:

NOTE: some of the posts on the forum are put there by the team from Larry Pickerings scam offices (most of the ones praising the shonky software)! But as expected most of the posts are made by people who have been scammed by this crook and his team of conmen. Look and learn!

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Scammer Himself!!

Note: Larry Pickering has also been spotted with a beard and hair on his head too. Almost disguised like a tramp.

How to get there....


Larrys Penthouse

Leaders Helecopter Spotted

Larrys Other Toy... Brought with our dollars!!!

Leaders Car Spotted

Extract From 'The Skeptic' Publication (Can be found using google):
Lucrative lampooningThe latest scam to hit the market was exposed on A Current Affair (Channel 9 ) on May 23, 1997. Promoted by the former well-known cartoonist Larry Pickering, the scam consists of selling suckers (or, to be politically correct, the credulity enhanced) a horse race betting system on a PC disc. Several people interviewed on the current affairs programme said they had never had a winner; that the system consistently lost, and that they had been caught for several thousands of dollars. When advertising the system on television last year, Pickering was depicted living the life of Riley – flash cars, expensive boats, up-market residence and boasting that he wouldn’t ever have to work again. Of course he was telling the truth, and will continue to make a fortune all the time there are people gullible enough to believe that someone is prepared to sell you a share in their gold mine instead of keeping the nuggets for themselves.

1st Batch Of Info



The game will be over now that the hunters are on the trail & fully active with full time surveillance.

All who report on these shysters & try to secure a refund after only receiving the brochure & no actual programme + massive collections from your credit card on a unlimited basis will be pleased to find out that the HUNTERS have established who they are & where all the $$$ are going + who’s in control.

Just so the pressure can keep these scam operators on the run report this scum to the Authorities (TAX, CUSTOMS, FSA, POLICE AND SPECIALIST FRAUD UNITS IN ALL COUNTRIES OF CURRENT OPERATIONAL BASES).

The Scam operators are just about finished in Australia & after the Last UK operation the Poms have them back again in Covent Garden but its OK the Authorities are on the case BIG TIME!!
Ripping off the UK Public for Millions during the last operation only to flee like rats, this will not be repeated again as all involved have left a good trail supported by our surveillance & Photographic records and specialist monitoring : We will have our day (if we ALL keep the pressure on)!!

To get the final ball rolling the main players are all detailed in this report is not exhaustive.

CEO Larry PICKERING (Lawrence David Pickering)
CEO/Deputy Wayne EVANS ‘The Chief’.
Larry PICKERING JUNIOR (son of CEO), SCAM Programme writer.
Ben WINDSOR PICKERING (son of CEO), Customer & Banking Operations AU +HK.
Sylvia & Gus COMBATTI Accounts Pay Mistress & Secret Mistress to CEO LARRY PICKERING Snr, active for over 10 years with group / scams.
Julian PRICE The Chiefs relative / Signature at Company registrations & Companies House AU + UK.
Donna PRICE (Sister of Julian) chief runner on illegal activities.
Troy Mulligan PILOT to CEO on illegal HELICOPTER Operations owned by CEO Larry Pickering.
JOHN SHARP Multiple Directorships on CEO’s Companies currently based in South Africa Cape Town.
Key Operational Base is 22 Marine Parade Southport QLD: for Rudd Pty Limited; Soft Holdings Limited Azure Dene Limited + Many Others (this changes on a weekly basis without registration). Access by the Principal SCAM DIRECTORS / CEO is via the side entrance basement car park internal fire escape stairs!

Other operational locations are:
Rosekirk Limited
No 8 Short Street Southport
Manager Julian Price

145 to 147 Scarborough St Southport QLD
Tel 0800 096 7829
505 Hennessy Rd
Causeway Bay

Info of latest UK scams should be reported to mail on sunday financial reports via TONY HEATHERINGTON or DTI LONDON refer to Comstrad Ltd CEO Company fronted by WAYNE EVANS. Check with


As usual these Shysters have left a good trail:
Orchid Avenue Showroom & Helicopter Tourist Flights
operated by TROY MULLIGAN Registered Pilot to CEO Larry Pickering

Current Vehicles of SCAM OPERATORS

CEO Larry Pickering
ASTON MARTIN value $400,000 AU.
HELICOPTER $1.5 Million AU.

Wayne Evans (THE CHIEF)
Land Cruiser 4x4
BMW mtec
Ocean Going Boat total values $1.2 Million AU.

And all other Larry Pickering related scam operatives have Executive Vehicles, FROM OUR MONEY!!

Most recent residence locations for the key scam operators are:
CEO Larry Pickering
Crown Towers
Palm Avenue
Surfers Paradise
Penthouse Apt number 3802
Value $6 million AU.

Wayne Evans Deputy / CEO (the Chief)
Mansion at Broad beach Waters
Surfers Paradise
Value $5.5 Million AU.

All other operatives live in Main beach, Surfers & Broad Beach areas. Their Villas & Apartments are of equally high values / rentals… WITH THE USE OF OUR MONEY!!

Operational Bank details Controlled by CEO Larry Pickering:
Main payment transactions by Credit Card Merchant Facility via Standard Charter Bank Hong Kong.


ANZ Bank Southport Queensland AU - used for laundering to all routes HK UK SA & USA Virgin Isles.

No Taxes are paid by any operative / consultant to the operations or Corporate / Company Tax in any jurisdiction Australia Hong Kong United Kingdom or South Africa.

Principal Holding Accounts in Hong Kong controlled by CEO Larry Pickering are: Standard Chartered Bank Kowloon East PO Box 68397 HK.

All in the Sole name of CEO under HIGHLAND INVESTMENTS GROUP LIMITED c/o TRUST NET HONG KONG Suite 2302/23f Great Eagle Street ce23 Harbour Road Wan Chi Hong Kong ++ CABLE TOWER GROUP LIMITED same CEO Same Address/Bank.

As the Heat is about to get turned up yet again the CEO may have changed the Bank A/c details but as the professional Hunters & Trackers are aware this trail is fully formed: Just keep chasing your losses & the Scamming Bludger’s.

Report all activities to the Authorities & Banking Industry.

The Helicopter can be traced to Capital Helicopters of Sydney + to the Local Airport near Surfers + Brisbane Airport Keep Helping the CAA its another illegal scam/vehicle to launder $$: KEEP THE TAX COLLECTORS IN SOUTHPORT AWARE: TAKE YOUR REVENGE NOW !!!